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VB - new variable vn
VB - new variable (with initializer) vnx
VB - operator overloading oo
VB #If directive ppif
VB #If-#Else directive ppife
VB #Region directive ppr
VB & operator overloading oo
VB * operator overloading oo
VB / operator overloading oo
VB \ operator overloading oo
VB ^ operator overloading oo
VB + operator overloading oo
VB < operator overloading oo
VB << operator overloading oo
VB <= operator overloading oo
VB = operator overloading oo
VB > operator overloading oo
VB >= operator overloading oo
VB >> operator overloading oo
VB And operator overloading oo
VB array variable va
VB array variable (with initializer) vax
VB Attribute class c_
VB Boolean variable vb
VB Catch clause catch
VB Collection(Of T) class c_
VB Collection(Of T) type j
VB Collection(Of T) variable vn
VB Collection(Of T) variable (with initializer) vnx
VB Containing type name this
VB CType operator t
VB CType operator overloading oo
VB DateTime type dt
VB Debug.Assert da
VB Debug.WriteLine dw
VB Dictionary(Of TKey, TValue) class c_
VB Dictionary(Of TKey, TValue) type j
VB Dictionary(Of TKey, TValue) variable vn
VB Dictionary(Of TKey, TValue) variable (with initializer) vnx
VB Disposable class c_
VB Dispose dispose
VB Do statement do
VB Else clause e
VB ElseIf eif
VB Equals and GetHashCode equals
VB Exception class c_
VB For Each statement fe
VB For statement fr
VB For statement (reversed) frr
VB Friend auto property ip
VB Friend class ic
VB Friend constant ik
VB Friend constructor icr
VB Friend delegate ide
VB Friend enum iem
VB Friend event iet
VB Friend event with EventHandler<T> iet
VB Friend indexer iir
VB Friend interface iie
VB Friend method im
VB Friend module ime
VB Friend Overridable auto property ivp
VB Friend Overridable method ivm
VB Friend Overridable read-only auto property ivrp
VB Friend Overridable read-only Property ivrpp
VB Friend read-only auto property irp
VB Friend read-only field irf
VB Friend read-only indexer irir
VB Friend read-only Property irpp
VB Friend Shared method ism
VB Friend Shared read-only auto property isrp
VB Friend Shared read-only field isrf
VB Friend Shared read-only Property isrpp
VB Friend structure ist
VB GetType gt
VB HashSet(Of T) type j
VB HashSet(Of T) variable vn
VB HashSet(Of T) variable (with initializer) vnx
VB ICollection(Of T) type j
VB IComparer class c_
VB IComparer(Of T) class c_
VB IDictionary(Of TKey, TValue) type j
VB IEnumerable(Of T) type j
VB IEnumerator(Of T) variable u
VB IEqualityComparer class c_
VB IEqualityComparer(Of T) class c_
VB If Is Nothing ifn
VB If TryCast Is Nothing ifxtc
VB If TryCast IsNot Nothing iftc
VB if TryParse iftp
VB IList(Of T) type j
VB ImmutableArray(Of T) type j
VB ImmutableDictionary(Of TKey, TValue) type j
VB ImmutableHashSet(Of T) type j
VB ImmutableList(Of T) type j
VB Int32 variable vi
VB interface event _et
VB interface event with EventHandler<T> _ett
VB interface indexer _ir
VB interface method _m
VB interface property _p
VB interface read-only property _rp
VB IReadOnlyCollection(Of T) type j
VB IReadOnlyDictionary(Of TKey, TValue) type j
VB IReadOnlyList(Of T) type j
VB Is Nothing n
VB IsFalse operator overloading oo
VB IsTrue operator overloading oo
VB Lambda expression l
VB Lambda expression with 2 parameters l2
VB Like operator overloading oo
VB LinkedList(Of T) type j
VB LinkedList(Of T) variable vn
VB List(Of T) type j
VB List(Of T) variable vn
VB List(Of T) variable (with initializer) vnx
VB local variable declaration v
VB local variable with DirectCast vt
VB Mod operator overloading oo
VB NameOf operator no
VB Not operator overloading oo
VB ObservableCollection(Of T) class c_
VB ObservableCollection(Of T) type j
VB ObservableCollection(Of T) variable vn
VB ObservableCollection(Of T) variable (with initializer) vnx
VB Or operator overloading oo
VB parameter array pa
VB Private auto property pp
VB Private class pc
VB Private constant pk
VB Private constructor pcr
VB Private delegate pde
VB Private enum pem
VB Private event pet
VB Private event with EventHandler<T> pet
VB Private field pf
VB Private indexer pir
VB Private method pm
VB Private read-only auto property prp
VB Private read-only field prf
VB Private read-only indexer prir
VB Private read-only Property prpp
VB Private Shared field psf
VB Private Shared method psm
VB Private Shared read-only auto property psrp
VB Private Shared read-only field psrf
VB Private Shared read-only Property psrpp
VB Private structure pst
VB Public auto property p
VB Public class c
VB Public constant k
VB Public constructor cr
VB Public delegate de
VB Public enum em
VB Public event et
VB Public event with EventHandler<T> et
VB Public field f
VB Public indexer ir
VB Public interface ie
VB Public method m
VB Public module me
VB Public Overridable auto property vp
VB Public Overridable method vm
VB Public Overridable read-only auto property vrp
VB Public Overridable read-only Property vrpp
VB Public read-only auto property rp
VB Public read-only field rf
VB Public read-only indexer rir
VB Public read-only Property rpp
VB Public Shared field sf
VB Public Shared method sm
VB Public Shared read-only auto property srp
VB Public Shared read-only field srf
VB Public Shared read-only Property srpp
VB Public structure st
VB Queue(Of T) type j
VB Queue(Of T) variable vn
VB ReadOnlyCollection(Of T) class c_
VB ReadOnlyCollection(Of T) type j
VB ReadOnlyCollection(Of T) variable vn
VB ReadOnlyDictionary(Of TKey, TValue) type j
VB ReadOnlyDictionary(Of TKey, TValue) variable vn
VB ReadOnlyObservableCollection(Of T) type j
VB ReadOnlyObservableCollection(Of T) variable vn
VB Return False ref
VB Return Nothing ren
VB Return True ret
VB Select Case statement sc
VB singleton class c_
VB Stack(Of T) type j
VB Stack(Of T) variable vn
VB static constructor scr
VB StreamReader Variable u
VB StreamWriter Variable u
VB String variable vs
VB String.IsNullOrEmpty sne
VB String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace snw
VB StringReader Variable u
VB StringWriter Variable u
VB Throw New twn
VB Throw New ArgumentException twn
VB Throw New ArgumentNullException twn
VB Throw New ArgumentOutOfRangeException twn
VB Throw New InvalidCastException twn
VB Throw New InvalidOperationException twn
VB Throw New NotImplementedException twn
VB Throw New NotSupportedException twn
VB Throw New ObjectDisposedException twn
VB TODO comment td
VB Try-Catch tc
VB Try-Catch-Finally tcf
VB Try-Finally tf
VB type parameter g
VB Using statement u
VB While Is Nothing wen
VB While IsNot Nothing wexn
VB While statement we
VB XmlReader Variable u
VB XmlWriter Variable u
VB Xor operator overloading oo